About AdidA

Welcome to Adida Fallen Angel's Artistic Boutique: Embarking on a Creative Odyssey

Step into the vibrant world of Adida Fallen Angel, where creativity knows no bounds. Born in Israel and now a spirited resident of Montreal, Adida, a 48-year-old artist, rejects routine, constantly exploring the world.

As a multimedia producer with decades of experience, Adida's artistic journey began in Rotterdam, earning him a degree. His diverse palette includes acrylic and water-based paintings, ink illustrations, and graphic design.

Now a proud father to Layla, his wonderful daughter, Adida draws inspiration from the joys of parenthood, enriching his artistic journey.

AdidA & Layla Painting session / Shop by Pierre Gauthier

Wandering through Brazil, New York, San Diego, Rotterdam, Berlin, Paris, and beyond, Adida's insatiable curiosity mirrors his multifaceted art. From classical art and sketching to photography and street art, he's now making waves in the music scene.

In the challenging life of a struggling artist, Adida draws strength to push his artistic boundaries, guided by the philosophy that pushing oneself into corners harnesses energy where one thrives the best.

Guided by a lifelong love for music, Adida aspires to make an impact with his creations, even as he takes a break from music production.

Beyond personal challenges, Adida delves into street art, graffiti, and art installations. Starting with wheat-pasting in Tel-Aviv, he now creates large-scale murals using spray paints and detailed brushwork. Art installations, exploring universal love, typography, and abstract forms, bring extreme satisfaction.

Adida's portfolio boasts commercial walls globally, community-based projects, and participation in local art festivals. Tel-Aviv hosts his wheat-paste art, while Montreal becomes the canvas for murals, exhibitions, installations, and personal artworks.

Engaging with the Under Pressure international graffiti festival and its home gallery, Fresh Paint, Adida finds inspiration and support. Observing a world filled with pain and confusion, he projects positivity through art, using love as his driving force.

AdidA at one of his latest exhibitions

Dedicated summers refine his skills, preparing Adida to take his concept to new heights, aspiring to contribute to festivals and the global art scene.

Explore Adida Fallen Angel's creations and bring home a piece of his imaginative world. Welcome to an artistic odyssey that transcends boundaries!

Love & Light!

* Shots by @pvm28 & @pierre.gauthier